Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Paperless Project for a Patriotic "Princess"

So... my baby girl is 2.  And yes, she is VERY two... in that it's all her way all the time.  'No' and 'why' are constant vocabulary words, along with the current trend of  'where?', pronounced in her very cute "two"-tone of 2 syllables  (way- er?).  She is also ALL GIRL.  She has just discovered a love of princesses.  Being that I have a love of girly things as well, this is no problem for me.  So, today Mommy took it upon herself to make the princess ensemble... frocked FULL of countless yards of ribbon.  (Yes, I am a ribbon addict..  and YES, I have that much ribbon on hand.) 

Here are the pieces up close. 


"Crown" head piece


Everything was easy as can be to make.  For the skirt, I looped ribbon through itself onto a piece cut to match her waist.  I used the silky sheer ribbon, so it doesn't fray and is very "airy."  The wand is a paint stick.  I used metallic scrapbook paper for the star.  (Hot glue did wonders for adhering it all.)  I used pipe cleaners measured to fit her head for the crown.  I covered it in ribbon and again looped the ribbon through itself in the back. 
What do you think?  She LOVED it and that made me smile.  Off to the grandmother's house to show it off...her idea of course! :)

Have a fabulous day!

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